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SLTL Group introduces its high-end portable laser marking model ELITE. The machine is designed with keeping comfortless &  easy movement in mind for the best output of the machine. Elite is a portable machine, keeping compactness as its base advantage, it is possible to move the machine from one place to another very easily, the mobile machine is the size of a microwave, consuming  less electricity than a microwave, When your need & product is compact or small & marking can be bit  arduous or difficult  this machine is meant for you, Due to its Size, Elite offers a true desktop solution. The Elite, marking can be used on pens, USB-sticks,  chips, buttons, gear shift numbering, data plates, It is highly recommended for the designing, hallmarking & engraving on gold, Elite the compact marking station for small and medium lot sizes. The removable flaps, intuitive control, and the wide variety of options make it convenient and intuitive to use.