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Magnus 1325 CNC Router

    Magnus 1325 is a very popular CNC Router with its unique features like manual tool changer, T slot & Vacuum Bed table and Single/Dual/Multiple spindle heads. It is being widely used in various industries for applications like general woodworking, fabrication, carving and many other advertising applications.

    We provide a user friendly software Artcam Express along with Magnus routers. Magnus routers are also compatible with other major softwares available in the market. Your favourite 3D models can be imported from the most 3D modeling programs. It is very simple to use and you will be able to quickly perform the basic routing tasks and finishing your job on time.


    • Special size table. 1220x1300mm~2000x6000mm
    • Vacuum table or Aluminum T-slot extrusion table
    • Automatic lubricating system
    • Mist cooling system
    • Machine moving feet
    • Servo system
    • Rotary attachment
    • Manual tool changer spindle
    • Dust collecting system
    • Variabe spindle power