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Optima V250

    Valiani is the leading manufacturer of mat board cutting systems in the world with unmatched Italian technology. With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and selling hundreds of cutting machines all over the world, Valiani is the most reliable and experienced partner that you can trust.

    Optima V 250 flatbed cutting plotter, with its high precision, robust mechanics and reasonable starting price, is the answer for all applications in offset/digital printing industries, display and packaging market and apparel and leather industry. Its the ideal solution for short/medium runs of die cutting, prototyping, furnishings creation, textile/cardboard patterns cut and much more.

    Optima V 250 is equipped with two independent and modular tool stations that prevent interruption during the work cycle.

    Optima V 250, with a combined vacuum assisted table and a new fold-away clamping system, provides incomparable working flexibility over a wide range of materials and unparalleled accuracy to meet today’s production challenges.

    Ideal for Foamboards, Forex, Vinyl, PVC, Honeycomb & Corrugated Sheets, Fabric, Foam, Leather etc.

    Features include:

    * Cutting
    * Drawing
    * Creasing
    * V Cutting
    * Half Cutting
    * Oscillating Cutting
    * Tangential Cutting